Inclement Weather Policy

Well it looks like we are in for a snowy winter this year! Here's what you need to know about Club Synergy Volleyball and the weather:

1)                  Most of the time coaches make the decisions about holding practice or not. Living in the mountains, we should expect poor winter weather conditions and need to make every effort to practices as scheduled.

2)                               may not be made up. Because we do not have our own facility, we do not have the luxury of scheduling practices when ever we want them. We will do our best to find an available gym/time to reschedule but please understand that very rarely is there an opening.


3)                                                     vary in Watauga County. If you do not feel it is safe to travel from where you are to practice, we certainly understand. Please notify your coach that you will be unable to attend.


4)                             It is a privilege to use the school facilities for our practices. With that in mind, we need to keep the salt and water from wet shoes off the gym floors. The easiest way to do this is for players to carry their court shoes into the gym and leave their boots or other street shoes at the door. Some schools have rugs by the door for that purpose. All shoes worn outside should be left by the door (parent's too). DO NOT wear your court shoes outside in the wet and salt and then expect to practice in them.


5)                         Most of the time our club is the only club effected by the weather. Tournaments will be held as scheduled. If you wake up the morning of a tournament and decide not to attend, you may cause the team to have to drop out. It is very upsetting to drive two hours to a tournament only to have to find out that you don't have enough players to play. Missed tournaments will not be made up.

6)                                There is good chance that we will have Saturday school on a tournament day. Again it is very upsetting to drive two hours to a tournament only to have to find out that you don't have enough players to play. Please discuss as a team prior to the tournament date your plans should this occur.

7)                    isn't the only activity scheduled for Saturdays in the winter. Most principals are understanding of pre-scheduled extra curricular activities and will allow the day to be an excused absence. It is very important that you inform your daughter's teacher(s) and principal at the beginning of the season and tagain prior to a Saturday absence. (You can find the Saturday School Letter on the Documents Page.) If you choose not to give the schools prior notice, they will be less likely to excuse an absence. Please remember this letter is only a request for possible Saturday school absences be excused due to a preplanned extra curricular activity and is in no way a guarantee the absence(s) will be excused.


Missed Practices  

Weather and road conditions

School facilities


Saturday School


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